Space Supply Chain Directory

The Space Hub Sutherland vertical launch spaceport at A’ Mhòine in Sutherland has the potential to play host to up to twelve launches a year, each of which will require a wide range of supporting activity.

Home to a supply chain with decades of experience in complex, highly-regulated sectors such as nuclear energy, and with experience of supporting major developments in developing sectors such as offshore wind generation, the North Highlands and Moray are ideally placed to support activity in the aerospace sector.

Our Space Supply Chain Directory gives a comprehensive overview of supply chain companies in the region along with their capabilities which can support the aerospace sector, from upstream manufacturing of launch vehicles through to downstream applications such as modelling of satellite data.

The directory has been split into three categories and further into alphabetical order within those categories.

An overall view of the directory can be seen by clicking here. 

Transferrable Supply Chain

Specialist Space Supply Chain

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