Caithness and north Sutherland, the most northerly region on the British mainland, is packed with visitor interest and variety. deserted white sand beaches, sandstone cliffs and offshore stacks, rare wildlife and teeming seabird colonies, plus the vast, rolling green of the Flow Country all combine to create a spectacular natural environment. Add to this a rich history and culture, sporting thrills that include some of the best cold water surfing in the world, and ancient fishing communities dotted along the coast. Caithness and north sutherland, from its ancient castles and paleontological finds, to the herring boom harbours, rare wildlife and the exciting maritime history of the Pentland Firth, has an exciting and unique story to discover!

To visit Caithness and Sutherland in Scotland is to experience a land of contrasts. Its landscape has soaring sea cliffs and long sandy beaches; low-level fertile farmland and rugged mountainous terrain to enthral the tourist.

Discover incredible landscapes and the environment of the North West Highland Geopark. Or simply take a walk beside one of the majestic lochs to explore where life seems to slow down and cares just melt away.

There’s space to think about the things that are close to your heart, refresh your mind, indulge your passions and revive your spirits. Whatever your plans for a holiday break, experience it here.

Venture North are a collection of small businesses based in Caithness and Sutherland, working in collaboration with the aim to promote tourism within the region. Their website holds a wealth of information which can help you plan your visit to the far north,

You can also visit Thurso Interactive, a project of the Thurso Heritage Society, to view collections of maps, photos, videos and other artefacts of Thurso past and present.

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