Things to do

As we know, living somewhere and visiting, are quite different. The passion we feel for our home is a different type to that we feel for our favourite holiday destination.

Holidays and weekend breaks have a sole purpose. It could be relaxing, exploring or adventure but when you’re at home, it’s inevitable that life will become the focus and the importance of day to day activities become priority. Imagine life in the North Highlands as the perfect blend of the two. It boasts ideal surroundings for daily life – affordable housing, safe surroundings, fantastic education opportunities and exciting business and job opportunities. Then at the weekends, miles and miles of untouched landscape to explore, delicious artisan cafe’s to relax in, galleries displaying world class art and live entertainment in the most quaint and intimate venues.

Not only this, as a local, you’ll inevitably learn so much more on the go. Relax in The Comm Bar on a Wednesday evening and enjoy traditional live music performed by the fire, throughout the Summer your calendar will be bursting at the seams with county shows, highland games and visits to exquisite restaurants. Winter months will be cosy indoors with cinema trips at the weekends or evenings spent hunting the dark skies for a glimpse of the northern lights.

There’s a slower pace to live in the North Highlands, one which allows us to work hard but truly enjoy our relaxation time too.

See the Live North Highlands page for a specific list of things to do in the area or please just get in touch.

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