High Schools

There are 29 High Schools in the Highland Council region. You can see the list in full here. There is one secondary school in Wick and one in Thurso

The school handbooks for all secondary schools in Highland Council are available to browse here. You can specifically see the Thurso High handbook here and the Wick High handbook here. 

The school handbooks include information which could be useful when looking to enrol your child in school.  

The qualifications obtained in the North Highlands of Scotland are those recognised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. For most students, this means taking National 4 or 5 exams in 3rd & 4th year and Higher and Advanced Higher in 5th and 6th year. 

In broad terms, a national 5 exam is the equivalent of an English or Welsh GCSE while Highers are the equivalent of an AS level and Advanced Higher, the equivalent of an A level in English and Welsh education. 

National 5 = GCSE
Higher = AS level
Advanced Higher = A level

Secondary school pupils in the North Highlands have opportunities to sample college life while still in High school thanks to the North Highland College’s Senior Phase programme. Pupils can choose to experience college and university style study as part of their high school time table from, 4th – 6th year. There are a range of courses available from creative studies to Foundation Apprenticeships offering  pupils in the north the very best start to their careers. 

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