Dark Skies

Caithness offers an unparalleled opportunity for stargazers to experience the night sky as they’ve never seen it before. Whether they’re a dedicated amateur astronomer or astrophotographer or simply keen to experience the beauty of a truly dark sky for the first time, Caithness is the place to visit.

Some of the most astonishing sights Caithness has to offer can be seen in these videos by Maciej Winiarczyk of Caithness Astronomy Group:




Impressive though these videos may be, nothing can compare to the majesty of the full experience. Luckily, wherever you choose to stay in Caithness, you’re never far from an area with little or no light pollution. A map of popular stargazing locations is available, which includes Castlehill Heritage Centre – officially recognised by the International Dark Sky Association as a Dark Sky Discovery Site.

Caithness also boasts a small but active astronomy society, Caithness Astronomy Group, which holds a number of live stargazing events and talks by experts on a range of subjects, from moons to Active Galactic Nuclei.

In Caithness and North Sutherland, you’re never far from a chance to see some truly breath-taking skies – including the chance to spot the beautiful and awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in an environment completely free of light pollution.

Photos: “Northern lights February 27 2014” by Paul Wordingham. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

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